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BIO 120- Bruno Soffientino Quiz I: Multiple Choice 1. Which of the following pairs represent homologies? a. bat wing and human hand b. owl wing and hornet wing c. porcupine quill and cactus spine d. bat forewing and bird wing e. Australian mole and North American mole 2. The common house fly belongs to all of the taxa listed below. Which of these uses information at the most detailed level? a. order diptera b. family muscidae c. genus musca d. class hexapoda e. phylum arthropoda 3. Which of the following would be most useful for constructing a phylogenetic tree for several fish species? a. several analogous characters shared by all fishes b. several analogous characters shared by some of the fishes c. the total degree of morphological similarity among various fish species d. several characteristics thought to have evolved after different fishes
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Unformatted text preview: diverged from one another e. single character that is different in all fishes 4. DNA based phylogenetic studies have revolutionized our view of biology in what way? a. they laid the foundation for the 5-kindom system b. they revealed that eukaryotes are more diverse than prokaryotes c. they supported the introduction of a new taxon at the lowest level of classification d. they have demonstrated that prokaryotes are much more diverse than eukaryotes 5. fossilized stromatolites a. all date from 2.7 billion years ago b. formed around deep sea vents c. resemble bacterial communities found today in warm, salty, calm lagoons d. provide evidence that plants moved onto land 500 mya. e. Contain the first undisputed fossils of eukaryotic cells...
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