1 - Notes p 149-155 174-184 and 189-198 from Goldstein and...

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Notes p. 149-155, 174-184, and 189-198 from Goldstein and Pevehouse: 10/1/07 WARZ (p149-155) Hegemonic war o Over control of entire world order o World war, global war, general war, systemic war o Last one was WWII o Probably can’t occur again without destroying civilization Total war o Warfare by 1 state waged to conquer and occupy another o Goal is to reach capital city and force the surrender of the govt, which can then be replaced with one of the victor’s choosing. o 2003 Iraq war o Napoleonic Wars o Last one was WII o Entire society mobilizes for the struggle and the entire society of the enemy is considered a legitimate target Limited war: o Military axns carried out to gain some objective short of the surrender and occupation of the enemy. o After occupying the land it wants, a state may stop short and defend its gains o Raids are limited wars o Repeated raiding sometimes called “low-intensity conflict” o Sometimes have narrow objective and are over within hours Civil wars o War between factions within a state trying to create, or prevent, a new govt for the entire state or some territorial part of it o Aim may be to change the entire system of govt, to merely replace the people in it, or to split a
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1 - Notes p 149-155 174-184 and 189-198 from Goldstein and...

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