26 - o Est. by 1992 Earth Summit o Monitors states'...

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Tragedy of the commons o Collective goods dilemma Enclosure o The splitting of a common area or good into privately owned pieces, giving individual owners an incentive to manage resources responsibly. Global commons o The shared parts of the earth, such as the oceans or outer space Solution of environmental collective goods problem… o Regimes (IOs) o Epistemic communities (knowledge-based communities) Sustainable development o Economic growth that does not deplete resource and destroy ecosystems so quickly that the basis of that economic growth is itself undermined. o Stuff that will happen with sust. devel. + New technologies may allow unabated economic growth , but will shift the basis of that growth away from the ever-increasing use of energy and other resources. + A collapse of population and living standards in the world, as excessive growth leads to ecological disaster. + The past curve of exponential growth could flatten out to form an S- curve. Commission on Sustainable Development
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Unformatted text preview: o Est. by 1992 Earth Summit o Monitors states' compliance with the promises they made at the Earth Summit and hears evidence from environmental NGOs such as Greenpeace. o Lacks power to enforce national govts (preeminence of state sovereignty) o 53 member states • Global warming presents states with a triple dilemma o Short-term (and predictable) costs to gain long-term (and less predictable) benefits o Specific constituencies such as oil companies and industrial workers pay the costs, whereas the benefits are distributed more generally across domestic society and internationally. o Collective goods dilemma: benefits are shared globally but costs much be extracted from each state individually. • Kyoto o Reduce greenhouse emissions to 1990 levels in the global North over about a decade. • UN Environment Program (UNEP) o Monitors environmental conditions, works with the World Meteorological Organization • Montreal Protocol o Ozone depletion...
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26 - o Est. by 1992 Earth Summit o Monitors states'...

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