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Research 4 respaper - global warming facts australia...

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Unformatted text preview: global warming facts australia US/China general history problems with Kyoto possible solutions The Kyoto Protocol: A War on Subsistence The global environmental crisis has highlighted the fact that forest vegetation stores carbon that, if released, would contribute to trapping heat in the atmosphere, driving up temperatures and speeding up climate change. "" Selling oxygen from the rainforest has become part of the 'sustainable development' agenda in the Kyoto Protocol."" This world view destroys sustainable ways of living and creates destitution and real misery because it is used to justify the expulsion of local communities from the bounty of their forests, thereby undermining their basic support systems. "" In Costa Rica, local communities, especially those living in the tropical rainforests, depend for survival on the bounty provided by the forests and women's non-wage labour. With the Kyoto Protocol, neoliberals have redefined forests as 'oxygen generators', a concept that indebted countries have embraced."" Dispossession and prostitution loom for Costa Rica's rural women and children as rainforests are converted into oxygen credits under the Kyoto Protocol. "" The trees and other plant life in the world's rainforests are an essential mechanism for flood control. In the forest, trees are connected directly to each other through the multitude of creatures that relate to them as food, shelter or nesting place; through their shared access to water, air and sunlight; and through an underground system of fungi that links all the trees as a super-organism. Rainforest peoples are also members of this super- organism. "" Between 1996 and 2001. around 121,000 to 147, 000 hectares of foreign trees were planted in Costa Rica; 50% of the species are melina and teak (MINAE, 2001). and the rest are eucalyptus. These monoculture tree farms, with the enthusiastic backing of the government, first required the cutting of all native trees and vegetation. This increases the extraction of nutrients and, with it, the devastation of the productive capacity of the soil. Then chemical fertilizers are applied on a massive scale. This has negative effects on soil fertility, water retention and on biological diversity."" Our leaders are steering us into the abyss. According to the Sydney-based Climate Institute, in the past three years alone Australian energy emissions have risen by the equivalent of more than five million new cars on the country's roads. Even while the earth bakes behind dried-up dams and farmers go bankrupt as their land turns to dust, Howard declares his determination to protect his sponsors in the coal industry--despite the fact that most of the emissions increase comes from the burning of coal in power stations. Thus, because of the extreme effects of global warming on rainfall, Australia is being forced to choose between coal and agriculture....
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Research 4 respaper - global warming facts australia...

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