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4-16-07 - Lungs Surface Anatomy(lobes Lung disease 150,000...

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-1Lungs Surface Anatomy (lobes) Ÿ Lung disease 150,000 deaths/year in the US due to lung Ÿ Smoking increases risk by 20% (or does it) Ÿ Mechanics of ventilation Ÿ Ventilation (inspiration & expiration) Ÿ Inspiration Ÿ Diaphragm, external intercostals Ÿ Scalene, SCM Ÿ Expiration: Ÿ Elasticity of lungs Ÿ Internal intercostals, abdominal muscles Ÿ Pressure gradient Ÿ Respiratory volumes Ÿ Tidal volume Ÿ Air in and out of lungs in quiet breathing (500mL) Ÿ Vital capacity: Ÿ Maximum air that can be exhaled after a maximum inhalation (4500mL) Ÿ 6L average (total amount of air that the lungs can hold) Ÿ Non-respiratory air movements (not associated with pulmonary ventilation Ÿ Coughing Ÿ Sneezing Ÿ Sighing Ÿ Yawning Ÿ Laughing Ÿ Crying Ÿ Hiccupping Ÿ Digestive system Ÿ (reading ch. 21: 582-600) Ÿ (reading ch. 22: 610-640) Ÿ (reading ch. 23: 648-664) Ÿ The beginnings of gastroenterology Ÿ Alexis St. Martin shot through the stomach (81 years old & 20 children)
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  • Spring '07
  • Dr.Tillman
  • Digestive System, Large intestine, reading ch, Pressure gradient Respiratory, Non-respiratory air movements

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