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Introduction ANS: a system of motor neurons that innervate the smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, and the glands of the body. Autonomic nervous system (ANS): maintains homeostasis, increase or decrease activity. Functions independently, no conscious control necessary Comparison of autonomic and somatic motor systems: effectors: Voluntary (somatic): skeletal muscles…single axon, cell bodies in the CNS Involuntary (autonomic): smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, and glandular epithelium…pre/post ganglionic neurons, cell bodies in CNS and outside CNS Somatic neurons are myelinated, whereas Autonomic, only pre-ganglionic neurons are myelinated. Sympathetic stimulation: as in an accident (fight or flight) Parasympathetic: rest, relaxation, digestion Sympathetic division of the ANS: Thoracolumbar: Preganglionic (short) neurons exit T1-L2 (sympathetic
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Unformatted text preview: trunk): white ramus communicans; postganglionic (long neurons): Gray ramus communicans Be familiar with the very Parasympathetic division of the ANS: Preganglionic neurons exitg brain and S2-S4 Terminal ganglia Locaed on or near innervated organs. Preganglionic is going to be long, the post ganglionic is going to be short…reversed for the craniosacral. Thoracolumbar: Craniosacral: exiting the cranium and sacral area, terminal ganglia located on or near the effectors Homeostasis: Sympathetic: adrenergic effects…pupil dialation Parasympathetic: energy conservation… Pupil constriction Sympathetic: increase in sweat, decrease in saliva, vasoconstriction; dilation of bronchioles, sphincters closed Parasympathetic: increase in tears, decrease saliva, vasodialation; constriction of bronchioles, sphincter closing in habited. Chapter 14: pages 396, 403-422 Chapter 15, pages 430-443...
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