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-1Ch. 14 p. 396, 403-422 Ch. 15 p 430-443 Ch. 17 p. 484-493 Ch. 18 p. 500-513 Ch. 19 p. 524-551 Spinal Nerves Ÿ 31 pairs Ÿ 8 cervical Ÿ 12 thoracic Ÿ 5 lumbar Ÿ 5 sacral Ÿ 1 coccygeal Ÿ Mixed nerves Ÿ Dorsal (posterior) root: sensory (spinal ganglion) Ÿ Ventral (anterior) root: motor (axons) Ÿ Cell bodies housed within the ganglion Ÿ Dorsal + ventral root = spinal nerve Ÿ Divisions Ÿ Dorsal ramus: muscle, skin along vertebral column Ÿ Ventral ramus: muscles, skin on lateral and anterior portions. Some combine to innervate limbs. Ÿ Nerve Plexus Ÿ A network of nerves Ÿ Named after the area they innervate: cervical, brachial, lumbar, sacral
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Unformatted text preview: Cervical Plexus C1-C5 Skin & muscle: head, neck, shoulders Phrenic nerve: diaphragm Brachial Plexus C5-T1 Upper extremity Major nerves Axillary Radial (Saturday night paralysis) Musculocutaneous Ulnar (funny bone) Median Lumbar Plexus L1-L4 Lower abdomen & anterior/medial leg Femoral Obturator Sacral Plexus L4-S4 Low back, pelvis, posterior leg, & foot Major nerves: Sciatic Tibial Peroneal Dermatomes (know them)...
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