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-1Steroids: Hormones originally intended to increase weight gain. Cancer, anorexia Side effects (70+): Acne, liver damage, roid rage, breast development, ossification of Epiphyseal plates $1.5 to $10 billion per year Androstenedione: precursor to testosterone & estrogen. Converts to whichever exists in the body in lower levels. Young males increase estrogen (134%). Young females increase testosterone Creatine: protein that improves energy production. Only supplement proven to improve performance (80% of people taking creatine). High power exercises < 30 seconds. Side effects: water retention, cramping, kidney disease (only if taken in extreme doses and if kidney function is already compromised). Cholestrum: Protein & growth hormone. Present in mother’s milk during the first few days of life. No evidence of any improvements. Read: ch. 11 pp. 256-316 Ch. 12 pp 320-341 Ch. 13 pp 34-391 Info relative to origin, action, insertion 1-7, 9-11, 13-26, 31, 34, 35, 37-50 Exam 2: up to and including 23 (biceps brachii)
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