2-19-05 notes - I bands (lIght) Actin Only A Bands (dArk)...

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-1 http://cim.ucdavis.edu/eyes/version1/eyesim.html Basic features of skeletal muscle, tendons, tubercles, trochanters, crests, tuberosities Origin: where it stays still, insertion moves Sarco-: muscle Sarcolemma: cell membrane for muscle cell sarcoplasm: cytoplasm for muscle cell Muscle > fasiculi > Muscle cells/fiber > Myofibrils > Myofilaments > (actin-yellow / myosin-red) >Sarcomere (basic functional unit of a muscle)…made of the space between the 2 Z-disc
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Unformatted text preview: I bands (lIght) Actin Only A Bands (dArk) actin & Myosin H zones (light) light (myosin only) - Helles M-line: tiny rods that hold myosin myofilaments together Sarcoplasmic reticulum and T-Tubules: regulate muscle contraction. Conduct impulses. Sliding filament model. Myosin head covers myosin filaments Red- Slow-twitch (aerobic) White- fast-Twitch (anaerobic) Intermediate fast-twitch...
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