Lecture Feb 12 - Drugs and poisons Psychoactive drugs and...

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Drugs and poisons Psychoactive drugs and poisons are grouped together because many drugs are psychoactive in small doses and toxic in higher doses. Read “The Chemistry Drug use in history Some were morphed into medicinal use drug for pain relief and fatigue reduction. Others were used for communication with other planes—use of psychedelic substances to travel to god’s world. These were typically only used in this way by shamans or high priests/priestesses Today drugs are used typically for recreational purposes and are typically not associated with religious ceremonies. Psychoactive Drugs Marijuana o Cannabis sativa (Cannabaceae) o Native to Asia Chinese maximized fiber production Indians maximized resin production o Active ingredient is THC THC is concentrated in the resin on leaves surrounding female flowers Not physiologically addictive however it is psychologically addictive With heavy use of marijuana: Lower sperm count Reduced sex drive Reduced motor coordination
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Loss of short term memory Pulmonary problems if smoked o Hemp is typically used for rope Some is used in clothing however some of it is not comfortable In the United States, marijuana was grown in the US colonies for rope then for THC. Moral condemnation of marijuana usage became high in the 1920’s and became outlawed in 1937. Only 12 states allow its use for medicinal purposes.
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Lecture Feb 12 - Drugs and poisons Psychoactive drugs and...

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