PHL 103 - Logical truth values

PHL 103 - Logical truth values - truth value cannot be...

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Logical “Truth Values” Table: 1. objective truth – a statement is objectively true if its  truth value does not depend on  sensory perception. 2. relative truth – a statement is relatively true if its truth  value depends on sensory perception. *notice, these are  opposites: no objective truth is relatively true (and vice  versa) 3. contingent truth – a statement is contingently true if  its truth value depends on time and space.  *notice,  all relative statements are also contingent (but not vice  versa; some contingent statements are also objective). 4. necessary truth – a statement is necessarily true if its 
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Unformatted text preview: truth value cannot be falsified (always was true, always will be true). *notice, all necessary statements are also objectively true (but not vice versa) 5. hypothetically necessary truth – a statement is hypothetically necessary if its truth value depends on a past event (so anything that has already happened is hypothetically necessary). So, there are five distinct logical categories regarding “truth.” But remember, some of these are mutually exclusive, and others are mutually inclusive (a fancy way to say that some can combine and some cannot)....
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PHL 103 - Logical truth values - truth value cannot be...

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