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Law and Society Discussion Section - Answer four out of six...

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Answer four out of six short answer questions Blue book DO THE BLACK BOARD READINGS or you will not be able to answer all the questions Week 2 – Law as a form of social control, Law as a form of social change Week 1 – Law as social control and dispute settlement Law as social control It differs from other social control Ie Social control by reputation manipulation – shame, informal pressure, publicity – to achieve their ends - Law is enforceable by formal punishments that we all know about - Law is universal – unlike churches or neighborhoods, it applies to everyone under it - “Formal” = o Universal o Rules and punishments that apply to everyone Crimes without victims Parking violations, prostitution, underage drinking Because it isn’t actually hurting anyone and is just a corrupt practice, there is more opportunity for unequal enforcement based upon who is the person breaking the law Hard to discover because no one is telling you they are a victim. They have to be witnessed by law enforcement individuals. It’s hard to get people to come forward and complain about them. Crimes WITH victims or CRIMINAL crimes Conventional crimes – ie property crimes or robbery etc. Those are often brought to courts because there is obvious damage and someone has lost something. There are victims. And other people not involved help convict people because they can see themselves in that place and want to help. Economic crimes – fraud and embezzlement. Crimes that cost society the most. Have victims as well but we are having problems enforcing these crimes as much as conventional or criminal crimes because the victim is less obvious with economic crimes. It is also hard to enforce because companies are very good at hiding any action that is illegal. They have more money and power than typical criminals. It is often worth their while to commit the crime because their
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Law and Society Discussion Section - Answer four out of six...

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