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Unformatted text preview: Reading Journal 1. In the poem Shall I compare thee to a summer day? what is William Shakespeare talking about? 2. In the poem William Shakespeare refers to the object that he is talking about like it is very powerful and warm. The only part that I am having trouble with believing that the writer is talking about the sun is in the first line he writes Shall I compare thee to a summers day?. Because he says that he throws me for a loop. The sun though still is my decision due to many similes. In The sixth line of the poem it states And often his gold complexion is dimmed. Here Shakespeare is talking about the sun going behind the clouds. Along with the other statements of temperature and eternal summer he also writes And summers lease hath all to short a date. I believe the writer is trying to say that because the summer daylight last so long the sun in a way takes away the time for a date because its so light out for such a long time. I believe that William Shakespeare would talk about the sun and everything about it because in my eyes the sun is kind of like love in which William Shakespeare is so well known for writing about. I mean that by without love many people are unhappy. Well without the sun many people are not happy. Just like love the sun brings happiness. They would say that loves drives people is this world and makes people live. But without the sun many people would not be able to live just as if they were without love. That is what I believe William Shakespeare is trying to say. How alike love and the sun are. At the end of the poem William Shakespeare notes So long as men can breathe or eyes can see, So long live this, and this gives life to thee. Again there is a similarity that is trying to be brought out. Love is like the sun. In the quote it says that men will be able to se this as long as they are alive. Men are going able to seek and find love just like they would be able to see the sun. The quote says this object gives the life to everyone just like the sun does. Like I said earlier people live for love and without it they would die. Overall William Shakespeare truly believes that as long as you are to be alive and that you can see the sun there will be love to be found. 3. The subject of the poem is the sun and how it relates to love. But over all the Theme or central thought of the poem is love. ...
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