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Study Guide - 13 Offense/Defense Balance 14 Coercive...

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Mid Term Exam Study Guide Understand these terms, be able to define them and discuss important details about them. A good example can help demonstrate your knowledge of these concepts. Also know the author who discussed these terms. The test will have 13 terms or questions and you must answer 10. They will each be worth 10 points. 1) Basic forms of world politics 2) Sovereignty 3) Anarchy 4) Self Help 5) Security Dilemma 6) Waltz’s 3 Images of War 7) Realism 8) Liberalism 9) Power Transition Theory 10) Balance of Power 11) Fungibility of Military Force 12) Sources of Military doctrine
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Unformatted text preview: 13) Offense/Defense Balance 14) Coercive Diplomacy 15) Causes of WWI 16) Causes of WWII (European and Pacific) 17) Causes of the Cold War 18) Different Views on Korean War 19) Deterrence 20) Utility of Nuclear Diplomacy 21) Nuclear Deterrence 22) Instruments of State power 23) Actors in the international system 24) Prisoner’s Dilemma 25) Collective Security 26) Terrorism 27) Hitler’s 4 phases of conquest 28) Phases of the Cold War (discuss major events here) 29) MAD (mutual assured destruction) 30) Flexible Response 31) Conventional vs. Nuclear weapons...
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