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Internet Tutorial.07 Tutorial Project

Internet Tutorial.07 Tutorial Project - lists 2 Click the...

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[Type text] T UTORIAL  P ROJECT Avid Reader Joan is an avid reader who has just moved from New York City to your tiny town in Maine. Joan has always participated in many book groups in the city and she misses the discussions and book recommendations of her group. You have become very friendly with Joan and know that she can find some of this same camaraderie by joining an on-line book group. You know there must be a mailing list you could join to get book recommendations and find out how to join a group, or get one started. 1. Start your Web browser and connect to the http://topica.com site to start searching for mailing
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Unformatted text preview: lists. 2. Click the Books, Movies & TV link. 3. Find two lists that might be helpful to you and print out a copy of their information pages. 4. Go to www.yahoo.com. 5. Click the Groups link. 6. Type books discussion group into the search text box and click the appropriate button to start the search. 7. Browse through some of the groups, and print out pages from two groups Joan might like to join. 8. Close your browser, and if necessary, log off your Internet connection....
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