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Memo To: Professor Svetlana Marzelli From: Robert C Brown Jr Date: May 7, 2009 Re: Mailing List and Newsgroups Comparisons Professor Marzelli, I performed a search and comparison on “Ford Mustang mail lists”. For our client I chose “Fordnatics mailing list” because this mailing list allows our client to interact with other subscriber’s. Fordnatics mailing list subscribers mainly discuss Fords and Ford- powered vehicles repair, restoration, and performance modifications. Our client can use Fordnatics as a "live" list or as a digest to get announcements and other Ford product’s information. Our client as a private-party can post appropriate ads that deal with vehicles, parts, tools, and supplies. However, commercial advertising is never allowed, and because of space limitations Fordnatics does not accept image posting. Postings to Fordnatics are the personal opinions of their authors, presented for the private use of subscribers, and do not
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Unformatted text preview: represent the official opinions or policies of any organization or the Fordnatics list. During this research I performed comparisons between three newsgroups, 1965-1973 Classic Mustangs - Vintage Mustang.com, Classic Mustang Analyzer.com and Alamo Classic Mustang.com. For our client’s needs I recommend 1965-1973 Classic Mustangs - Vintage Mustang.com because of their unique sources of information about the 1965-1973 Classic Ford Mustang. This site provides classifieds for cars and parts and it allows subscribers to post their own listings. This site’s newsgroup provides valuable information on restoration items or any restoration questions. Clubs and car shows are also listed with numerous mustang related links. This site should satisfy our client’s devotion to his Mustang hobby. 1 Page 2...
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course CISM 127 taught by Professor Barbieri during the Spring '08 term at Atlantic Cape Community College.

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hw7 Brown RC www memo - represent the official opinions or...

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