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New Perspectives on The Internet, Sixth Edition—Comprehensive Tutorial.05 Tutorial Project T UTORIAL  P ROJECT Pervasive Pharmaceutical Sales Company You are the assistant to the CIO of Pervasive Pharmaceutical Sales Company. Your company is small but prestigious and uses any extra capital for research. Pervasive has a sales force that is always out in the field. These people must be able to retrieve and respond to their e-mail at any time so that no sales are lost. The sales people all have wireless Palm devices since the cost of a Palm was so much less than furnishing them all with notebook computers. You are going to research free tools on the Web that might help the sales people keep up to date with their e-mail.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Start your Web browser. Go to the site and search for Palm e-mail . 2. Review three programs that have e-mail utilities that might be useful. Make note of the name and function of each utility for future reference. 3. Perform the same search at or Again, review three programs different from those that you noted on and note the names and functions of these applications. 4. Organize the information you collected into a table. You will present this list to the CIO for his opinion as to the usefulness of these programs on the company's Palm devices. 5. Close your browser, and if necessary, log off your Internet connection....
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