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New Perspectives on The Internet, Sixth Edition—Comprehensive Tutorial.02 Tutorial Project T UTORIAL  P ROJECT Summerville High School Summerville High School has not had a major gym renovation for 45 years. The town does not have the funds to spend on a new gym and you have decided to interest your neighbors in a fund-raising effort to help improve the town’s facilities for physical education. Your goal is to raise enough money to build a new gym. Your neighbors all work during the day and it is more convenient to e-mail them for their help than to play phone tag. You will create and send messages to your neighbors by completing the following steps: 1. Start your e-mail program or log on to your Hotmail account. 2. Add the full names, e-mail addresses, and nicknames of five classmates to your address book to act as your neighbors. After creating individual entries in the address book for your classmates, add them to a mailing list named “Neighbors” in your address book. Then add the full name,
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