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Essay 3 - Brown1 Robert C Brown Jr English 102 L03 Summer...

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Brown1 Robert C Brown Jr English 102 L03 Summer 2007 Professor Dr. Dorothea Dunayer 4 August 2007 The Hazards and benefits of Science and Technology: My Position and My Take on the Future Frankenstein, Star Trek, The Six Million Dollar Man, and the Terminator were movies that dealt with the benefits and hazards of science and technology. Frankenstein dealt with a scientist using science to play god by creating life from death. Star Trek dealt with scientist using science and technology to explore space and distant planets. The Six Million Dollar man dealt with doctors and the government using science and technology to merge man and machine together, while the Terminator dealt with computers waging war on their creators. Today’s technological wonders owe a lot to the imaginations of early science fiction writers and scientist, such as Aristotle, Darwin and Euclid. Anyone who grew up watching the Six Million dollar man series might recognize how today’s artificial human limbs and organs, with computer chips resemble the 1970’s television show. The Cloning of animals and stem cell research, might remind people of Mary Shellry’s Frankenstein novel. In Ms. Shellry’s 1816 novel (274), a scientist discovers how to bring a lifeless creature to life. Instead of observing moral and ethical guidelines, the scientist decides to play God.
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Brown2 Cell phones of today look more and more like the communicators from the Star Trek television series. While it is a fact that science and technology have been very
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