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Internet Tutorial.08 Tutorial Project

Internet Tutorial.08 Tutorial Project - photos below the...

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[Type text] T UTORIAL  P ROJECT Family Web Site Mike’s parents continually ask him for the latest photos if his children. He considered posting them on a photo sharing Web site, but decided to create his own Web site instead and post it on his ISPs server. He wants to start by creating a simple Web page with only a few photos. 1. Start Notepad. 2. Type the HTML tags needed to create the document structure. 3. Add Gibson Family Photos as the page title and as an H1 head in the body section. 4. In the body section, type a few sentences that explain the purpose of the page. 5. Insert two photos that you have stored on your hard disk (or any graphic if you don’t have any
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Unformatted text preview: photos) below the body text that you typed. 6. Add captions below each photo, and then format each caption as bold and blue. 7. Review the document you created and make sure you have all of the necessary HTML tags. 8. Save the file as Photos.html , and then view it in your browser. 9. If any items on your page do not display correctly, edit the file in Notepad, save the changes, then refresh the browser window to view the changes. 10. Close your browser and exit Notepad, and if necessary, log off your Internet connection....
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