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REVIEW FOR TEST #1 – GEO 109/SCI 210 Winter 2008 KLOSTERMAN The first test will cover all of the material presented in the first modules “Fundamental Concepts: How Humans View and Study the Earth” (text) plus the reading (Ch. 2 of Peters; The Scientific Method). The format will be a combination of short answers and short essays. Below are review questions - I will ask some of these directly as short essays and some in the form of short answer derived from the essay questions. In other words, if you can answer each of the review questions in a complete, accurate and probably lengthy paragraph, you will probably do very well on the test. A complete answer would include definitions, explanations and examples. An accurate answer presents material that is consistent with the presentations/readings. To do this, at least one or two paragraphs would be needed. You should prepare independently for the test. Students writing identical essays on the test will not receive full credit. I will provide assistance with clarification of essay questions or give comments with respect to ideas you run by me. I will not “start from scratch” and re-present material. Some Tips: Concentrate on these questions, your notes, the posted lecture notes on WebCT (along with links, etc) and in-class exercises. For the text, the WebCT notes direct you to the appropriate pages of material related to the content we covered in class. WRITE OUT YOUR QUESTIONS FOR PRACTICE – I think there is a strong connection between your eye, your hand and your brain! BRING A CALCULATOR Review Questions: 1. Basics of Scientific Principles: In this question, you’ll get to judge the outcome of two head-to- head confrontations between some of the various historical figures we have seen in Module 1. a. If James Ussher and a modern geologist were to face each other in a debate about the age of the Earth: how would you characterize the debate: as Theory vs. Value or Theory vs. Theory? You need to support your answer with the definitions of values, theories and facts, a description of what work each person would do to answer the question, and what facts each relies on. Value: include a principle, standard or quality considered worthwhile or desirable. Examples of this include “going to Mass on Sunday is important to my religious
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