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New Perspectives on The Internet, Sixth Edition—Comprehensive Appendix.A Tutorial Project T UTORIAL  P ROJECT You are tired of your slow dial-up Internet connection. Web pages seem to take forever to appear, and you can’t watch any of your favorite movie trailers without waiting what seems like forever for the video files to download. In addition, your parents and friends are complaining that your phone line is always busy when they try to call you. It’s time to think about a faster Internet connection.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Get information from your local telephone company about the cost of Internet access using DSL lines. What restrictions are there on the service, if any? 2. Contact your cable company and see if cable modem service is available in your area, and if so, what it costs. 3. Create a table comparing the rates, services offered, and bandwidths. Which would be your choice for Internet service and why?...
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