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Internet Tutorial.10 Tutorial Project

Internet Tutorial.10 Tutorial Project - 2 Make note of...

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[Type text] T UTORIAL  P ROJECT Which PDA is best for you? After hearing so much about handheld devices, you have decided it is time to throw out your paper address book and calendar and join the 21st century. However, it seems as though new handhelds are introduced daily and you must first decide which model will fit your needs and budget. Because you haven’t the time or interest in driving around to the “Big Box” merchandisers, you decide to make your purchase on line. You will research what models are available, their cost and the functions they provide. You will find the best price from an on-line retailer. 1. Start your Web browser. Go to Amazon.com and search for “PDA.”
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Make note of three available products and their prices and features. 3. Go to PriceWatch.com and get the best price for each of these devices. 4. Find another online retailer and get the best prices from them. 5. Find a Web site that offers reviews of products and read the reviews of the products you’ve picked. 6. Write a short memo to yourself with information about your recommended PDA, the reasons for your choice and how it might help you stay organized. Include the review and price information in your memo. 7. Close your browser, and if necessary, log off your Internet connection....
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