english essay - Robert C Brown Jr English 102 L03 Summer...

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Robert C Brown Jr English 102 L03 Summer 2007 Professor Dr. Dorothea Dunayer 27 July 2007 Students get their Moral Views from today’s Society This generation’s college students face a different moral dilemma than 1950’s college students. For one thing there was no Internet to research school papers which meant less chance of plagiarism and no cell phones to alert fellow students to surprise test or get answers for test. There was cheating in the 1950’s, but the consequences for getting caught were so devastating to a student’s reputation and career that any student caught cheating usually transferred to another town to complete their education. Role models of 1950 college students believed in hard work, and traditional morals, which most college students tried very hard to emulate. In today’s society when a student speaks of the wrongs of cheating and tries to tell their fellow classmates that they should have morals, that student is usually viewed as an alien from another planet. According to Mark Clayton, author of “A Whole Lot of Cheatin’ Going On,” as many as 80 percent of students admit to at least one incident of scholastic dishonesty in their careers (207). Most students claim that they are unaware of the consequences of cheating and some will blame society’s leaders. Rarely will a student accept the blame for their
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actions; most according to Mr. Clayton (207) believe that parents and educators need to
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english essay - Robert C Brown Jr English 102 L03 Summer...

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