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New Perspectives on The Internet, Sixth Edition—Comprehensive Tutorial.04 Tutorial Project T UTORIAL  P ROJECT Java Relocation Management You work for Java Relocation Management. Your company has always dealt with domestic relocations, but has recently been asked by one of its clients to help relocate an employee to Bermuda. Because it is your company's first international relocation, you have no employee relocation information packets available for Bermuda. The client needs to know if you will be able to help his employee with this relocation as soon as possible. You decide to use the Web to investigate information that might be useful for the relocating employee. After your research, you will be able to tell the client whether you can assist the employee.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Start your Web browser and go to Enter the search expression living in Bermuda . 2. Click three links that look like they might contain useful information for a person moving to Bermuda. Make a list of the URLs for future reference. Include maps and city guides in your links. 3. Because the employee is allowed two house searching trips, he will also need to stay in a hotel. Search for hotels in Bermuda and print the home pages from three hotels with different price ranges. 4. You tell your client that you are ready to start working with the employee. Close your Web browser and, if necessary, log off your Internet connection....
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