essay 4 - Brown1 Robert C Brown Jr English 102 L03 Summer...

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Brown1 Robert C Brown Jr English 102 L03 Summer 2007 Professor Dr. Dorothea Dunayer 11 August 2007 Most Cultures have Several Identities It is a fact that most people wear several hats; they can be fathers, mothers, lawyers, policemen, firemen, or Doctors. Everyone is a unique individual, however when it comes to identity, society may get some of its definitions on the subject from advertisers or the majority opinions of what a group of people are supposed to be. Identity is a simple and complex subject. Identity today is based on different critical from the days before radio and television. Before radio and television most people were simpler to identify, most sons wanted to be like their fathers and most daughters wanted to be like their mothers. Most people took their identities from their family professions, blacksmith, farmer, healer, or educator to name a few. However, the colonization of America has had the most profound affect on several of our cultures identifies. African Americans are one of the major races to suffer with an identity issue. Since the time of slavery, African Americans were forced to take on the identity that their slave masters gave them. This identity was referred to as property. When a race of people are brainwashed for hundreds of years to believe that they are less than human, it takes hundreds of years to reverse that negative thought pattern. When a race of people are frowned upon because of the color of their skin, its logical for those light skinned African
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Brown2 Americans who can pass as any race other then black to change their identity. There are many different levels of identity among African Americans, there are male identities between the shades of light and dark, for instance light skinned curly haired African Americans are perceived as full of themselves and arrogant, while dark skinned African Americans are viewed as unintelligent Neanderthals. There are female identities concerning the same issues. For example most African American women featured in
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essay 4 - Brown1 Robert C Brown Jr English 102 L03 Summer...

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