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Eight Question Movie2 Critique - sharp and you can process...

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Eight Question Movie Critique 1. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum was about a slave who was trying to gain his freedom by getting his master’s son a bride. 2. I liked the star of the movie because he was determined to get his freedom by any means necessary. 3. I disliked the master’s because no one should hold another person’s life in their hands. 4. The movie didn’t make me rethink my values if anything it confirmed them. Since I believe that we still live in an age where some type of slavery exist, whether mental of physical this movie shows that as long as your mind is
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Unformatted text preview: sharp and you can process ideas quickly you’ll have a chance to be free. 5. The movie did relate to me because at times, like the star of the movie I have had to use my wits to gain something. 6. I felt that the time in which the program ran was perfect, because it allowed for anyone watching it to understand the plot and theme of the movie. 7. The subtext of the movie might be to not take life so seriously and never give up on your dreams. 8. I would recommend this movie because it gets people to think, and it’s funny....
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