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Exam questions answers for administrative law

Exam questions answers for administrative law - Agencies...

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Exam questions Chapter 6 Investigations and Information Gathering 1. Unlike the specific search warrant with probable cause, Administrative Agency search warrants for homes are often generalized area by area. What’s an example of this type of search warrant? Page 189 2. The reasoning for this type of search came from what case? Page 189 Chapter 7 Informal Proceedings 1. The FCC bureaus set the standards and rules in their areas of expertise and licensees comply with the standards. What is a major criterion of the FCC in setting standards? Page 207 2. When disputing parties are unable to reach a solution what remedies can
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Unformatted text preview: Agencies offer? Page 225 Chapter 8 Administrative Agency Hearings 1. Where are hearings held? Page 238 2. Where are the rules and procedures to be followed for all agencies found? Page 240 Chapter 9 Judicial Review 1. What statute do many Federal Agencies use as a model in providing judicial review? Page 278 2. What does the Veterans Judicial Review Act limit the subject matter of the courts jurisdiction too? Page 281 Chapter 10 Paralegalism in Administrative Law 1. What website offers a master list of government websites? Page 328 2. Explain what consultant firms train paralegals on. Page 330...
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