www hw 10 - with a home decor and childrens gift selection....

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Memo To: Professor Svetlana Marzelli From: Robert C Brown Jr Date: August 30, 2008 Re: Web Plant Business Professor Marzelli, based on my examination of three online “flowers-by-wires” service providers, I have decided to use the Mercury Network associated with FTD because it is the premier electronic network used by all major wire services in the floriculture industry to process wire orders and messages. It processes approximately 15 million orders and messages annually. The Mercury Network also provides Florists with telemarketing services and PC-based business management applications. I plan to emulate the Sales and Service Specialists practices of 1-800-FLOWERS, which are available 24/7, and provide fast and reliable same day, any day delivery. My online “flowers-by- wires” business will provide a 100 percent satisfaction and freshness guarantee,
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Unformatted text preview: with a home decor and childrens gift selection. Partners will be selected according to their commitment to quality and service, characteristics that will be regularly monitored by my company as part of our overall emphasis on customer service. I will also include a third-party vendor direct program, which will allow easy and efficient delivery of non-floral gifts. I will not emulate Proflowers business model, because I think selling fruits and meats to the public may lead to costly lawsuits bought on by clients sickened by tainted products. Since many people world wide have been getting sick from eating bad fruits and vegetables I dont believe our company would be able to offer a 100 percent guarantee on such products....
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www hw 10 - with a home decor and childrens gift selection....

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