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Eight Question Equus Critique 1. Equus was about a psychiatrist trying to figure out why a 17-year-old boy named Alan blinded six horses with a spike. 2. I liked the psychiatrist because he was good at his job of getting to the reason why Alan blinded the horses, and through his understanding of human sexual behavior he was able to gain an insight into his own dysfunctional world and marriage while helping Alan. 3. I disliked Alan’s mother because she was a religious extremeness, and due to her religious upbringing of Alan she was responsible for his dysfunctional way of looking at sex and religion, which caused him to blind the horses to keep them from seeing what he considered his sinful behavior. 4. The Equus book didn’t make me rethink my values or belief’s. Since I had an early introduction to sex through book’s and actions, I believe that I have a healthy heterosexual mentally. Through relationships, reading about, and numerous talks with members of the opposite sex I believe that I’ve gotten to
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