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Eight Question Play Critique 1. The play “Oedipus the King the Rise of Greek Tragedy” was about a king told a prophecy that he tried to prove false and prevent from happening. This play also showed the way early Greeks portrayed tragedy, and separated the actors from the characters they played by the use of masks. 2. I liked the priest because he knew who the king really was, and would have kept his secret if the king wouldn’t have bullied him. 3. I disliked Oedipus, Creon, and Jocasta. I disliked Oedipus because he killed his father, married his mother and had children with her. I disliked Creon because he sent the priest to do his dirty work, if he knew the king’s secret he should have kept it to his self or been man enough to tell the king instead of putting the priests life in danger, and I disliked Jocasta because she appeared to know the truth all along, which explains why she took her own life once the truth came out.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. The play didn’t make me rethink my values, but it did strengthen my belief in the theory that we are put on the earth with a certain destiny and that whether you know what it is or not you can’t change it. I believe we should face the truth about ourselves no matter how unflattering, and decide to either make the best of a bad truth or do what Oedipus did. 5. The play didn’t relate to me because so far I haven’t had any prophecies told to me that was so troubling I had to prove them false. 6. I felt that the time in which the play ran was okay, because it allowed for anyone watching it to understand the plot. 7. The subtext of the play makes one wonder: Do we really have control over our lives, or are we, as Shakespear put it, actors in someone's grand play? 8. I would recommend this play because it is a very sad and tragic story that can create positive thought and conversation on the inner workings of life....
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