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Robert C Brown Jr English 102 Essay Assignment 1 English 102 L03 Summer 2007 Professor Dr. Dorothea Dunayer July 21, 2007 Your Degree is Only as Good as Your Hustle Since the Enlightenment-era education has been seen as a valuable asset. Our founding fathers felt that to be educated meant that you were basically wise and civilized. It also meant that you were a white male because minorities and women weren’t included in the educated club. Times have changed somewhat since the days of Benjamin Franklin. In the twenty first century everyone has access to education, however, there are still differences between the education men and women receive. According to author Adrienne Rich’s “What Does a Woman Need to Know” commencement address to the graduates of a women’s college, Smith, in 1979, “for women, all privilege is relative. Some of you were born with class or skin-color privilege; but you all have the privilege of education, even if it is an education which has largely denied you knowledge of yourselves as women”. The author’s point was that despite access to education women had a higher illiteracy rate then men and that the number of illiterate women was increasing. Students of today’s educational institutions take knowledge for granted, they assume that all their learning is based solely on what they learn in the classroom and instead of using knowledge to better them-selves in order to improve mankind, most
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Brown-final_comments[1] - Robert C Brown Jr English 102...

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