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Eight Question Theatre Critique 1. The Prisoner program was about a man who resigned from his job, planned to go on a vacation, was drugged, then awoke in a prison like society where the people in charge use various forms of mind control to keep people from escaping. 2. I liked the star of the program because he was determined to not only keep his mind under his own control but also to escape no matter what the cost. 3. I disliked the man called the rook because as a chess player his mind should have been stronger and he should have been able to figure out that the star was on his side. 4. The program didn’t make me rethink my values if anything it confirmed them. Since I am a chess player I play my game according to human nature. I’ve
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Unformatted text preview: learned that no matter how good a person appears given the right circumstances a good person will usually make bad choices because of greed or selfishness. 5. The program did relate to me because at times, like the star of the program I feel that people just don’t get the simplest of things and can be easily fooled. 6. I felt that the time in which the program ran was perfect, because it allowed for anyone watching it to understand the plot of the program. 7. The subtext of the program might be a warning about the way the government will have control of our lives in the future. 8. I would recommend this program because it gets people to think about what the government is capable of....
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