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FAMILY LAW FALL 2006 FAMILY COURT ASSIGNMENT November 27, 2006 Robert C Brown Jr. On Wednesday November 13, 2006 myself and 3 other student’s sat in on an afternoon Family Court case in Atlantic City. The case being heard by Judge Susan A. Mayer concerned a Permanent Protective Order. When we entered the Court the Plaintiffs lawyer was cross examining the female Defendant about pictures she and her lawyer had introduced as Court evidence. I noticed that the Plaintiffs lawyer asked a lot of questions that in my opinion gave the Defendant several chances to avoid answering in a yes or no fashion. The ability of the Defendant to keep the Plaintiffs lawyer off balance only slightly helped the Defendant, in my opinion I felt that everyone in the Court room felt that the Defendant was not being truthful in her answers. One question stood out, when the Defendant was asked by the Plaintiffs lawyer how she took a picture of the Plaintiff taking pizza from his oven while she was in a car, the Defendant answered that she took the picture while driving pass the Defendants house. The Defendant’s lawyer made several attempts to object to the questions that the
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family law term paper - FAMILY LAW FALL 2006 FAMILY COURT...

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