Thunderstornm Basics

Thunderstornm Basics - 8/6/07 Thunderstorm Basics...

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8/6/07 Thunderstorm Basics (comparable to snake. Scary but good for the environment) 2,000 thunderstorms in progress at any given moment worldwide More common in warmer, equatorial climates Moisture and instability are important Maritime Tropical most important 3 stages o Cumulus stage where it is moving up through updraft (what goes up…) o Mature stage, ventually updraft and downdraft coexist and precipitation begins o Dissipation stage, at some point everything becomes downdraft Thunderstorm days- thunder occurring (40-45 days a year in Austin) (Florida about 100 days- sea breeze off west coast and east coast meet in Florida) Air Mass Thunderstorms By far, the greatest number of thunderstorms on an annual basis worldwide Random… not well organized… short lived (usually 1-1 ½ hour lifetimes) Ultimately, the downdraft (colder, more dense air) cuts off the updraft and the storm commits atmospheric “suicide” Topographically/geographically/daytime heating related By definition within an air mass (mT) Severe Thunderstorms What makes a thunderstorm “severe”? o Presence of a tornado o ¾ inch or larger diameter hail (at the surface) o Convective wind gusts of 50 knots/ 58 miles per hour Less than 5% of all thunderstorms worldwide Longer lasting because of an established/well developed wind
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Thunderstornm Basics - 8/6/07 Thunderstorm Basics...

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