McKell Review Session for Test 1

McKell Review Session for Test 1 - McKell Review Session...

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McKell Review Session for Test 1 Paradigms: establish boundaries and provide rules for success Paradigm effect: something obvious to one and not to another Going back to zero rule: paradigm shift occurs, playing field is leveled so that everyone (even established companies) starts from ground zero, past success guarantees nothing Six key observations: Common, useful, your paradigm can become the paradigm, creators are outsiders, adopt new paradigm are called paradigm pioneers, choose to change your rules and regulations 2 key traits of “paradigm pioneers: great courage, trust in judgment (or faith) Paradigm flexibility allows you to see change as an opportunity rather than a threat 1. Determining what research projects a genetics company should fund and pursue is an example of a non-programmed decision: true 2. A DSS is flexible enough to aid in solving problems where only a small amount of data is available: true 3. A limit on the number of available work hours in a manufacturing facility is an example of a problem constraint: true 4. A key-indicator report is a long term forecast projecting likely future performance of market share and annual profitability: false, short-term 5. A CBIS makes use of computer hardware and software, databases, telecommunications, people and procedures to manage and distribute digital information. 6. With a proactive approach to problem solving, the problem solver seeks out potential problems before they become serious. 7. Management information systems (MIS ) are often used to support programmed decisions by providing reports on problems that are routine and where the relationships are defined.
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course ISYS 210 taught by Professor Ball during the Winter '08 term at BYU.

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McKell Review Session for Test 1 - McKell Review Session...

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