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Excel Modeling

Excel Modeling - C5= VLOOKUP(B5,$E$2:$G$5,2 4 HLOOKUP C6=...

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Nicole Rabe ISYS 201 Section Excel Modeling Problems 1. CELL REFERENCES C4= B4*$C$1 C6= B6*$C$1 D4= B4+C4 2. IF FUNCTION D4= IF(B4=C4,"No change",IF(B4>C4,"Lost weight",IF(B4<C4,"Gained weight"))) D5= IF(B5=C5,"No change",IF(B5>C5,"Lost weight",IF(B5<C5,"Gained weight"))) 3. VLOOKUP C4= VLOOKUP(B4,$E$2:$G$5,2)
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Unformatted text preview: C5= VLOOKUP(B5,$E$2:$G$5,2) 4. HLOOKUP C6= HLOOKUP(B6,$A$10:$E$11,2) C7= HLOOKUP(B7,$A$10:$E$11,2) 5. COUNTIF B17= COUNTIF($D$2:$D$13,A17) B18= COUNTIF($D$2:$D$13,A18) 6. SUMIF D19= SUMIF($D$2:$D$13,A19,$C$2:$C$13) D20= SUMIF($D$2:$D$13,A20,$C$2:$C$13)...
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