4.12 American Studies 100

4.12 American Studies 100 - instead of the 4th •...

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American Studies 100 Monday, April 12th , 1999 Announcements: Lecture notes: The Great Gatsby : Chapters IV - VI Theme of Transforming Self and Transforming the World Daisy corrupted the transforming of the world because she is unable to plan or do anything to change it Myrtle corrupted the transforming of self by making a fake personality instead of changing her own Work Image Being shaped by mass media Not shaped by religion or politics as it has been in the past Shaped by the virtual landscape (cities, houses, etc.) rather than the literal landscape Huge emphasis on consumption Reproduction of goods rather than individual creation and creativity Chapter IV: The July 5th Party There is an expectation that is never fulfilled. Ex: the party is on the 5th
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Unformatted text preview: instead of the 4th • Community has become the new upper class • Community turns into a crowd • The people are being compared to animals by their names • Superficial relationships among the guests Gatsby • He seems different, not impressed/affected with material objects • He is able to make plans • He wants to impress Daisy so he becomes materialistic • Does Daisy become materialistic to Gatsby?? • Incarnation is placed into Daisy • Actions shifted from potential to actual Commander Dan Cody • Ideal of the pioneer • Through Cody, Gatsby makes his self improvement o Re-invents himself, created figure o James Gatz becomes Jay Gatsby...
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4.12 American Studies 100 - instead of the 4th •...

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