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Nicole Rabe Isys 201 Section 5 1. $450 2. 4 bikes 3. $308 4. Candy: 7.52%, shirts: 15.76% 5. a) $31/3months= $10.33 b) $114/ (3months x 3stores) = $12.67 c) $4.43, $4.56 6. bicycle, shirt, shoes 7. Orem= $1035, Provo= $2620, San Jose= $2147 8. 30.47% 9. Provo has the highest amount of revenue being brought in of the three stores. The trend in revenue of all three stores is increasing, but I think that has to do
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Unformatted text preview: with it getting closer to Christmas. After December I predict there will be a fairly big drop in sales. To increase sales I suggest promoting bicycle sales because they bring in the most revenue. They could advertise some kind of a promotion as an after Christmas sale....
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