DB_Queries-Section#5&NicoleRabe - 1. Most recent: Lee...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. Most recent: Lee Jungpil, longest: Lewis Peoples Query1 SalesFirstNam e SalesLastNam e SalesHireDat e Lewis Peoples 2/13/1989 Richard Martin 5/2/1989 Juan Rodriguez 5/2/1989 Rachel Scholes 4/27/1996 Jesse Lukes 5/15/1996 Maggy Adelman 6/1/2001 Dale Jones 11/9/2004 Jungpil Lee 4/26/2006 2. Query2 CustomerLastN ame Martinez Miner McCloud March McMahon Mitchell Merrill Mead Mosely Marwan McKinney Munoz Mauer 3. Query3 CustomerFi rstN ame Annual Inco me SalesFirstN ame Purcha se Carmen $108,500.00 Jesse Yes Seth $120,375.00 Jesse Yes 4. Query4 SalesFirstN ame CustomerFirstN ame CreditDescrip tion Purcha se Rachel Mitchell Extremely Poor Yes Rachel Martin Very Poor Yes Rachel Diego Poor Yes Rachel Sarah Extremely Poor Yes 5. Query5 SalesFirstN ame EncDa te CustomerLastN ame Jungpil 7/31/07 Hanson 6. Query6 Purcha se CountOfPurc hase No 157 7. There are 47 Query7 CustomerFi rstN ame Purcha se CreditDescrip tion Aaron No Poor Alex No Extremely Poor Andrew No Poor Angel No Very Poor Bernard No Extremely Poor Blake No Poor Brian No Poor Bryant No Very Poor Camilla No Extremely Poor Carlos No Extremely Poor Christian No Very Poor Clark No Poor Dan No Poor Devin No Very Poor Diego No Poor Query7...
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DB_Queries-Section#5&NicoleRabe - 1. Most recent: Lee...

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