07.2_Goal_Seek_and_Solver_Problems - Name Courtland Astill...

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Name Courtland Astill Section _1_ _ Goal Seek and Solver Problems Print the answers (perhaps typed in Word) to the following problems to turn in at the start of class . Data for all the following problems are found in the worksheets in the file Goal_Seek_and_Solver_ Data.xls on the course website. Goal Seek 1. Using the “ Goal Seek-NPV ” worksheet, find the indifference point, which is the interest rate at which Projects 1 and 2 have the same NPV. In this instance, set cell $E$3 to 0 by changing cell $B$1. 12.26% 2. Sometimes the BYU Bookstore has a “progressive book sale.” This means that the books are 10% off the first day, 20% off the second day, and so on until they are 50% off on the fifth day. You would like to buy five particular books, but you only have $40. Because the books might get sold out, you would like to buy them as soon as you can afford it. Using the “ Goal Seek-Book Sale ” worksheet, calculate which day you will be able to buy your books. You will be able to buy the book on the Fourth day
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07.2_Goal_Seek_and_Solver_Problems - Name Courtland Astill...

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