4.19 American Studies 100

4.19 American Studies 100 - B Why do they go Pushes and...

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American Studies 100 Monday, April 19 , 1999 Announcements: Remember to turn in Final Papers on Friday, April 23rd in 258 Willard at 9:05am Lecture notes: The Making of Harlem I. Harlem Renaissance A. Artistic Explosion that is a result of the black migration to New York B. Most extraordinary and diverse artistic outburst C. Poets, Musicians, Artists, Dancers, Writers, Singers, etc. - Examples include Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, etc. D. Tried to transform the painful past of slavery and emancipation E. Offered new beginnings and enriched their lives through the artistic expression II. Emancipation and the Movement North A. Who goes North? 1. Children of the slaves are the ones who migrate north 2. Large plantation slaves were more likely to stay in the South than small plantation slaves and slaves who worked close to their master
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Unformatted text preview: B. Why do they go? Pushes and Pulls 1. Urban centers are like magnets 2. Industrialization 3. Movement to look for relations 4. Segregation 5. Lynchings, burnings, torturing in the South ~ KKK, and other racist groups 6. Jim Crowe Laws C. Emancipation 1. Majority of slaves end up working 15 - 20 miles from where they were enslaved 2. Share cropping because they had no money 3. Freedom to the African Americans was owning land and supporting their families (yeoman ideal???) Lillian Harris • Success Story • Born in a shanty in the Mississippi Delta - 1870 • Moved to the North in her teens • Goes into business as a street car vendor with only a carriage, a broiler, and a can of pigs feet • makes enough money to retire quite comfortably • buys land in Harlem and becomes a landlord Continue with Harlem on Wednesday...
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4.19 American Studies 100 - B Why do they go Pushes and...

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