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A Modest Proposal - the body is going to be used for He has...

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Morris 1 Ryan Morris Professor Larry Van Meter Comm 1 20 February 2007 A Modest Proposal A Modest Proposal , by Jonathon Swift is a suggestion, to Ireland, of a way to control the population and relieve poor families and the country of an extra burden. The proposal starts off with a lot of statistics about the people of Ireland and the numbers of households that are poor with children. Swift begins his proposal by saying that he has been thinking of this idea for many years and he has finally perfected it. The proposal states that the people of Ireland should begin to sell off the children of poor families for a certain amount of money so that the families that buy the children kill them and make them a meal. Swift has everything planned out. He has calculated the numbers and knows an approximate number of people who are going to sale and buy the children. He has even figured out what each part of
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Unformatted text preview: the body is going to be used for. He has everything planned out to the “T”. The story in my opinion was a little bit creepy. I know he said that there was nothing actually serious about this proposal but it is still something that is kind of taboo. I liked the story and everything I just thought it was a little bit weird. Especially when he says “Infant’s flesh will be in season throughout the year.” No one thinks about a child like that. The proposal was a good one in how he planned everything out. Swift had everything figured out and planned on using every part of the child; even the skin. All in all I thought It was a good story. Swift, Jonathon “A Modest Proposal.” Morris 2...
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