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Just Walk On By - Just Walk on By Black people in Public...

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Morris 1 Ryan Morris Professor Vanmeter Comm. 1 4 March 2008 Just Walk On By: Black People in Public Space This Essay by Brent Staples is a story of his life and what people perceive him in public places. He describes how women, specifically young and white, cower at the sight of him in a dark alley. Staples even describes what happens in one dark alley of Chicago, Illinois, “After a few more quick glimpses, she picked up her pace and was soon running in earnest. Within seconds, she disappeared into a cross street” (404). That entire event describes the rest of his life. From there on he tries to avoid moments like that by going out of his way to make sure that he is not doing anything that even seems remotely suspicious.
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Unformatted text preview: Just Walk on By: Black people in Public Space is about black stereotypes in the United States. It is about how good black people feel when they feel like they are being targeted as a bad person because of the color of their skin. Staples feels like he is a good person and he realizes that he scares people. Staples doesn’t like the fact that he scares people and wants to try his best to stay out of the way and not seem suspicious. He feels like the victim. Staples, Brent.”Just Walk On By: Black People in Public Space.” 50 Essays: A Portable Anthology. Ed. Samuel Cohen. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2007. 404-407...
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