MEMORANDUM - situations and the weight scale as their...

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MEMORANDUM Date: 09/02/2007 To: Ms. Bea Gyimah From: Michael Faraj Subject: Writing Project #1 Analyzing Visual Rhetoric The advertisement includes an amazing balance between image and language; both are persuasive and down-to-earth. It intends to attract people with weight problems, particularly ones who are overweight. It has a compelling argument as it makes use of different techniques to convince its intended public. The advertisement was created as a desire to attract people into the purchase of a product. In order to do this, the advertisement has to connect with the potential buyers; it presents real and general self-esteem issues and grants them a solution and reveals to the audience that cutback of food consumption is not necessary. To connect with the viewers, the adverstisement must present several rhetorical strategies that allure people’s senses and emotions. I believe the most important strategy it presents must be the connection between image and language; both talk about the same desired and achievable goal. Both use real-life
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Unformatted text preview: situations and the weight scale as their indicator of the product’s success. The image shows a happy opened-smile woman pulling her outsized jeans and standing over a scale. Logic tells us that this woman has lost weight. The situation is very well presented and gives the viewer the idea and desire to fulfill the same goal and to experience the same emotional thrill. The language makes use of the weight scale too and propels the reader to grow unafraid of it. It also makes use of data that make the product more convincing and of a complete set of opinions, especially from doctors and satisfied clients. I selected this visual argument because it seems it has what it takes to make of the product a successful one by connecting to the audience’s thoughts and emotions. Any potential problems I could encounter while working on this paper include problems with clinchers and with identifying the topic sentences correctly....
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MEMORANDUM - situations and the weight scale as their...

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