ILRCB100January30 - ILRCB 100 I. January 30, 2008 II. III....

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ILRCB 100 January 30, 2008 I. Industrial Workers of the World (1904) a. Looked to the most dispossessed workers b. Opposite of Gompers who only looked towards skiled workers c. In industries where they could be easily replaced d. Very radical e. “Wobblies” i. Debs helped to found them, but then left because he decided they were too radical ii. Debs believed in constitution and government power iii. Wobblies wanted a total and complete revolution f. Competitor to Socialist Party g. IWW Constitution i. Completely radical, want a revolution ii. Anarcho-Syndicalist 1. Belief that the state must be destroyed because it does capitalist work 2. Believe Capitalism is protected and armored by government 3. Odd commonality between them and Gompers because Gompers was suspicious of state iii. Believed the government promised false things and that direct action must be taken on the factory floor II. Bread and Roses (1912) Mill Workers Strike a. Workers called in IWW for help in Lawrence b. 20 thousand workers on strike c. Problems: 40 different language groups, women, immigrants d. IWW translated things, did speeches in all languages, went out of way to prevent ethnic and national fractures e. Results: i. Lawrence employers caved and gave workers all demands ii. Pay raises, overtime, improvements in working conditions iii. No union Recognition though iv. Paradox of wobblies:
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ILRCB100January30 - ILRCB 100 I. January 30, 2008 II. III....

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