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WATER QUALITY TESTING AND ECOSYSTEM CHARACTERIZATION GISAT 112 DATA SHEET Group Members: Steve Creasy, Mike Kump, Kristin Kopp, Jamie Lavin Date: ___________ Sampling site: Newman Lake inlet near Mr. Chips Air temperature at site: 13 ° /8 ° in degrees Celsius Water temperature at time of sampling: 6 ° /8 ° in degrees Celsius Environmental conditions of site chosen, e.g., recent and current weather conditions: The test occurred while there was still snow and ice present on the ground. The melting of the snow and ice could have contributed to the results of the test. Notes about water source, used in site characterization/mapping: The water was flowing towards Newman Lake from an unknown source. It was running parallel to Route 81, and flowing South. Water Quality Test Results pH: 6.5/6.8 Dissolved Oxygen (ppm or mg/L): 10.1/11 ppm Total Hardness (ppm as CaC03): 320/330 ppm Nitrate - N (ppm): 1.32/1.76 ppm Nitrate (ppm): .3/.4 Phosphates (ppm):
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Unformatted text preview: .1/.4 Comments/ observations about ecosystem: The sample site was around trees, rocks, grass, a drainage pipe, plastic cups, cardboard box, and plastic wrapping. We also observed some sort of milky substance floating on the surface of the water and coming out of the drainage pipe. The stream had a natural bed, however the bed did not appear to be healthy because of the large amount of algae present on the rocks. As the measurements were taken, algae and insects were observed in or on top of the water. However, we did not observe any fish or living organisms in the water itself. Most of the land near the sample site was covered by mud or grass, however there was evidence of human influence marked by a bridge across the stream, trash in the area, the proximity of the stream to the parking lot and Mr. Chips building, and the drainage pipe coming from the direction of Taylor Hall....
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course GISAT 112 taught by Professor Frysinger during the Winter '07 term at James Madison University.

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