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The Social World of College I have always dreamed of what college would be like. I have never wanted to live in dorms, I wanted to start courses in high school, go to this big university as a sophomore, living in my own luxury condominium, somewhere far away from Arkansas; however, life does not always go as planned, does it? To present the way I feel in a way that you fully understand, I must give you a brief back story. Two months before college started, I did not want to go. I want multiple multi-billion-dollar companies and streams of income, none of which requires a degree. I hated high school, so college was most definitely out of the picture by the time I was in 10thgrade, considering, it was not mandatory for my ideal career. A month before college started, I convinced myself to get an associate degree, only to know the base and general knowledge of business.Social media takes up so much of people’slives that it is the only
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