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4.26 American Studies 100 - o Innocence lost becoming...

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American Studies 100 Monday, April 26th, 1999 Announcements: Papers will be returned on Friday at 9:05am in 258 Willard Lecture notes: Sonny's Blues Relationship between brothers o Is Sonny's brother responsible for the situation which Sonny is in? o Relationship is very distant Older Brother tries to get out of Harlem o Does it in a "Franklinesque" way o Marries a higher class o Goes to school and becomes a teacher o Made it to the outskirts of Harlem, but not completely out Sonny is involved in drug use and is imprisoned Mother is the ethical center in the story Themes
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Unformatted text preview: o Innocence lost, becoming disenchanted o Innocence becomes recognition • Brother's suffering finally made Sonny's suffering real • Music o Used to characterize the difference between the two brothers o misreading o Sonny tries to escape Harlem through music o Sonny is playing the music for his life o Older brother reconciling himself through the music o Question: Can Sonny play without using drugs and will the brother be able to learn? o To play the blues one must experience suffering o Experiences change, in turn the music changes...
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