Personal Environmental Impact Inventory

Personal Environmental Impact Inventory - Personal...

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Personal Environmental Impact Inventory Water Consumption: Toilet Flushes - 1.6 gallons/flush X 10 flushes per day X 7 Days = 112 Gallons/week Calculated by finding the number of gallons of water per flush as stated on the toilet. Showering – 2.3 gallons/minute x 7 minutes/shower x 6 shower/week = 97 Gallons/week There was a measurement of maximum gallons per minute on the shower head, and that number was used to calculate the gallons per week. Clothes Washing – 1 Load/week X 20 gallons per wash = 20 Gallons/week Found the average number of gallons used per wash from the Whirlpool website Cooking – 0 gallons/week (living on campus) Fuel Consumption: Personal Vehicle – 0 gallons/week (no car) Transit Bus – 5 miles per week / 5 mpg / 40 people = 0.025 gallons/week Estimated travel distance on the HDPT busses for a typical week, used 5 mpg estimated fuel economy. Heating – 2198 kW hours per person average in Chesapeake Hall Contacted Facilities Management director for information on dorm room
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Personal Environmental Impact Inventory - Personal...

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